Medical Malpractice

Ohio medical malpractice cases are complex.  Our attorneys have experience with cases where a doctor’s medical malpractice has caused injury or even death. The most common examples of medical practice involve failures to timely diagnose diseases or other medical problems and surgical errors. By nature, not every medical procedure can be a success.  Many bad outcomes cannot be prevented even by the finest physicians. However, sometimes a bad outcome could have been prevented but for a doctor’s medical malpractice. When a physician’s malpractice causes a bad outcome, such as permanent injury or death, Ohio law allows the patient to recover compensation.

In Ohio, the patient must prove a physician-patient relationship, a breach of the doctor’s duty to exercise reasonable care, causation, and injury or damages. Moreover, Ohio malpractice cases must be brought promptly or the case is lost forever. Medical malpractice cases are often emotional. And they are always highly technical.

These cases must be proven through expert testimony, which requires immense preparation and technical knowledge.  We have experience in these cases and are ready to discuss your case for free. If we think we can help, we handle Ohio medical malpractice cases on a contingent fee.