Think Before You Act

Fremont Ohio Personal Injury Lawyer Encourages Injured to Think Before They Act

The legal team at Fremont, Ohio-based Mayle, Ray & Mayle want you to know a few basic tips if you are ever involved in an accident, either on the job, in the car, at home or other location.

Don’t act tough.
Never tell law enforcement that you were “not injured.” Rather, always allow yourself to be transported by an ambulance to a local emergency department from the scene of the accident.  It is prudent to be medically evaluated as soon as possible after a personal injury accident to insure all information is documented in a timely manner.  By declining emergency treatment, if you suffer delayed symptoms, the insurance company may argue that you are embellishing your symptoms or pain level, and it may even claim that your injuries were caused elsewhere and not by the accident.

Take pictures of your injuries.
Bumps, cuts, and bruises often heal. If you don’t document them, they may as well have never existed in the first place.  As a personal injury attorney Fremont Ohio, with the law offices of Mayle, Ray & Mayle, Andy Mayle recommends taking pictures immediately and, again, a day after the injury has occurred.

Follow doctor’s orders.
Any Fremont Ohio personal injury lawyer would recommend this advice, even if it interferes with your daily living.  If you skip a physical therapy appointment or miss a scheduled visit with the physician, the insurance company will argue that, because you are not compliant with appointments or medical instruction, your symptoms or pain are not legitimate.  Additionally, if you are legitimately injured, noncompliance with medical recommendations may, and likely will, delay the healing process.

Don’t wait to call an attorney.
Claims must be filed in a timely matter, or they may be lost forever. Jeremiah Ray, a Bellevue Ohio attorney, says, “We can help you best when we are ahead of the curve, not playing catch up. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is as true in legal matters as it is in your health.”

Never talk to an insurance company.
Whatever you do, do not give a “recorded statement,” let alone speak with an insurance company, without talking to an Ohio personal injury lawyer first. The questions you will be asked by an insurance company are designed and worded in such a way that they may force an answer that will aid the insurance company, not you.

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