OVI Defense

OVI Defense

Probably the most common type of charge our firm defends against is an allegation of operating a vehicle while impaired, or OVI. This charge brings many problems for our clients that we help navigate.

There is more to defending an OVI charge than the charge itself. These cases involve important issues like administrative license suspensions (ALS), pretrial-driving suspensions, driving privileges, suppression issues, license points, and other similar issues. These charges also bring potential disastrous consequences such as employment termination.

Our clients benefit from our good relationships with prosecutors, judges, and court employees. They also benefit from our experience in handling hundreds of these cases over the years.

Our fee depends on a number of factors including jurisdiction, the number of prior OVI offenses, and whether there are any companion charges. We provide a free initial consultation where we will give the client several fee options.

Does a DUI Attorney Bellevue or a DUI lawyer Port Clinton, Ohio even exist?

Many people commonly use the term DUI to reference these same charges. However, there is no such thing as a Fremont DUI lawyer or a DUI attorney Bellevue. That’s because the charge in the state of Ohio is Operating a Vehicle while Impaired, and is officially known as an OVI.