Criminal Defense

Criminal defense attorney: Fremont, OH

We have a strong and robust criminal defense practice. We are among the most well-known criminal defense firms in our region. We have defended nearly every conceivable charge in Ohio, from traffic offenses to murder. Our attorneys include former prosecutors and a leading criminal defense attorney, Fremont, OH.

Our lawyers are trained courtroom advocates and regularly attend seminars on topics including criminal defense trial advocacy, forensics, and recent developments in criminal law and procedure.

We have tried numerous bench and jury trials to verdict in misdemeanor, felony, and juvenile cases. We have also negotiated over a thousand favorable pleas for our clients, helping them avoid more serious convictions and penalties. And on many occasions we have been retained by clients during investigatory stages and have helped them avoid charges altogether. We also have vast experience in probation proceedings and are aware of various pretrial diversion and intervention programs that may benefit our clients.

We have enjoyed success in our pretrial motion practice concerning suppression, identification, speedy-trial, evidentiary, jurisdiction, severance, and other issues. Our lawyers use the most advanced Internet based legal research technology and are members of bar associations that give us access to nearly unlimited legal research material. You can’t take a chance on a criminal defense attorney, Fremont, OH, you need to work with a firm that can provide you with everything you need and one that has the experience to achieve a favorable result.

We handle criminal cases on an hourly basis, flat fee basis, and also on a mixed hourly and flat fee approach. Whether you need the help of a criminal defense attorney Port Clinton or a Tiffin, Ohio criminal defense lawyer we will be able to come to your aid.