Winter Driving Safety Tips to Avoid a Call to the Personal Injury Lawyer

While many people would prefer to not even leave the house when winter weather gets nasty, it’s of course unavoidable in many circumstances. And it’s during this time of year when many a personal injury lawyer will be at his busiest, inundated with calls stemming from accidents, which occurred in poor weather.

Certainly, nobody wants to be in that position, so begin putting these winter driving safety tips to use to minimize the risk of an accident while in frigid wintertime conditions.

  • Have the Right Gear: The first step is to ensure that within a vehicle all of the proper gear is on hand which could be needed for cleaning off a vehicle of snow and ice, helping to get a vehicle unstuck, and more. Essentials will include a sturdy ice scraper and snow shovel, sand or salt to provide traction, jumper cables, antifreeze, basic tools and first aid kit, and road flares.
  • Check the Car First: At the start of the season, or the start of a long trip during winter, be sure to check the vehicle in advance. It’s crucial that the battery, anti-freeze, brakes, oil, windshield wiper fluid, and more are all at the right levels, and that the defrosters and heaters are working properly. Additionally, keep the gas tank at least half full during the coldest months.
  • Don’t Shortchange Cleaning: Many drivers simply wipe away as much snow from their front windshield as allows them to have a tiny, restricted slice of vision. This isn’t good enough. The entire front and rear windshield, as well as the side windows and sideview mirrors need to be cleaned off. Don’t forget about headlights and taillights, as well as snow and ice accumulation from the roof, hood and trunk, which could fly off in traffic. Be sure to allow time for all windows to completely defog.
  • Drive Smart: Maintain lower than normal speeds, and anticipate longer and lengthier breaking periods. For cars, that are equipped, driving in a “low” or “D2” setting should provide increased traction in snow and ice. Remember that bridges, overpasses and other non-pavement surfaces are likely to freeze first.

Even with the best of intentions while on the road, sometimes, needing a personal injury lawyer is going to be inevitable. Each individual can control his or herself as much as possible, but as any personal injury attorney knows, the other person is the one who cannot be controlled, and that’s who will need to be held responsible for dangerous or reckless behavior that leads to unfortunate accident and injury.

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