Top Reasons Why Hiring an Estate Lawyer is a Wise Move

Using an estate lawyer to write your will can help you avoid mistakes that could cause trouble down the road.

Many individuals believe that writing a will is as simple as saying what you have and who’s going to get it. Of course, things are usually more complex than that, and with estate planning, it’s essential to lock things into place and ensure that there are no loopholes, misconceptions or oversights.

Some people may not choose to have their will handled by an estate lawyer; however, there are many circumstances when using one simply makes sense. Read on to see the top reasons why hiring an estate lawyer is a wise move.

  • For individuals with a significant amount of assets, there are a variety of tax concerns involved, and it’s important to think about those ahead of time and put a solution or action plan into place.
  • Many people want assets to be given to one party, before eventually being given to another based on different circumstances. For example, property may be passed to a surviving spouse, but then may move to children or grandchildren. There is complex language, details and circumstances to hash out with such desires.
  • Business owners need to have a plan in place for whom will assume control of the business, or what percentage of ownership different individuals will have, as well as where the deceased’s share of the business goes.
  • When there are young children, or other family members who need more substantial amounts of care, it’s important to set the grounds for how that care will be provided. In addition to writing a will, setting up a trust may be very important, and there are numerous varieties of trusts to consider.
  • Certain individuals may want to take extra steps to ensure that their will cannot be successfully  contested, or that one person doesn’t get something they may feel entitled to. In such cases, an estate lawyer will include provisions and language to make something far more secure and solid than that person could have done on their own.
  • There are always questions, concerns and options when writing a will, and it’s never a good idea to leave anything vague, to wonder if there was a superior alternative available, and so forth. An estate lawyer will be well versed in all aspects of planning and writing a will, how to ensure that each person’s wishes are upheld, and how to make the entire process as seamless as possible.

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