Mayle, Ray & Mayle’s Partnerships Ensure All Cases can be Handled and All Geographic Areas Covered

Co-Counsel and Local Counsel Services from Mayle, Ray & Mayle

Fremont, OH –
When law firms from across the country need help solving local legal matters, or when local firms need additional experience, Mayle, Ray & Mayle is ready to jump into action, proudly serving as co-counsel and local counsel on major cases of all kinds.

Mayle, Ray & Mayle is based in Ohio, making it an ideal candidate for firms from elsewhere in the country who need legal representation for clients based in the region, or for clients facing legal charges or lawsuits stemming from this region.

In addition, the attorneys at Mayle, Ray & Mayle have a wide range of experience, making the team an ideal co-counsel when another firm may not have the specific knowledge required to adequately handle an individual case.

Recently, Mayle, Ray & Mayle has been quite active and successful both as a local counsel and as a co-counsel firm. They have worked with major law firms from locales as geographically separate as Chicago and Texas, handling cases brought forward in common pleas courts, US District Courts and more.

The team at Mayle, Ray & Mayle has even helped to defend a Mumbai, India based client from charges brought on by an Ohio business against the company’s Tennessee facilities.

In all cases, the firm prides itself on lending the necessary local experience required and producing favorable outcomes, and has been successful in providing both in-court defense and out of court settlements.

Mayle, Ray & Mayle, LLC consists of the attorneys Ronald Mayle, Jeremiah Ray and Andrew Mayle, and combined the three team members have experience in everything from wrongful death to criminal defense, from corporate law to estate planning, from appeals to malpractice and more.

They have offices in Fremont, Ohio and Bellevue, Ohio, and can be reached at 419.334.8377. Law firms in need of support and either a local or co-counsel can also feel free to visit their website at to learn more about the team and how they can help.

About Mayle, Ray & Mayle, LLC

Mayle, Ray & Mayle LLC is a leading Ohio law firm with a broad range of expertise.  The team consists of attorneys Ronald Mayle, Jeremiah Ray and Andrew Mayle, all of whom bring unique experience and knowledge to the forefront, establishing a well-rounded law firm that can meet the needs of any client. With offices in Fremont and Bellevue, Mayle, Ray & Mayle serves clients in need throughout Ohio and also serves as co-counsel and local counsel for other law firms across the country. Contact their team of lawyers at 419.334.8377 or learn more about who they are and how they can help at