Learn What to Do if an Attorney Has Committed Malpractice from Experts at Mayle, Ray and Mayle

Tips to Help Deal With Attorney Malpractice in Ohio

Fremont, OH – Attorney malpractice is a serious issue, which occurs more frequently than most legal clients realize. That’s why Mayle, Ray & Mayle, LLC, strives not only to inform their clients, but to fight on their behalf when it’s required.

It’s crucial to understand what constitutes legal malpractice, and what to do if it occurs. There are several common types of lawyer malpractice, and many potential ways in which it could transpire during the handling of a case. Attorney malpractice could occur when an important date or deadline is missed, or when an attorney takes a case with a conflict of interest, or a case in which the attorney is ill equipped to properly handle. Also, sometimes an attorney acts in the attorney’s own best interest instead of in the client’s best interest. This is called breach of fiduciary duty.

In all of these instances of legal malpractice, the wronged clients can sue their attorney for damages suffered, including attorney fees already paid.

Of course, not all lost legal cases are the result of attorney malpractice. In fact, most are not. However, if a case is lost and there may be evidence or suspicion of legal malpractice, then it’s always in the best interest of the client to seek out new legal representation immediately. The statute of limitations to bring a legal malpractice claim is very short. Most claims must be brought within a year of the malpractice.

One of the experienced, knowledgeable lawyers at Mayle, Ray & Mayle will consult with you and determine whether or not there is an attorney malpractice case worth pursuing, and will determine the appropriate next steps to take.

If there is any doubt, it’s best to explore all options instead of potentially letting attorney malpractice go unchecked. The team at Mayle, Ray & Mayle defends and protects the rights of their clients to the full extent possible, and has the experience necessary to combat negligence and other forms of legal malpractice.

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