5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Wrongful Death Lawyer

A difficult time of life doesn’t mean selecting your wrongful death legal representation has to be difficult

Nobody wants to be in the position of choosing a wrongful death lawyer. A terrible and unforeseen accident has occurred, and the worst has happened. Nevertheless, in such instances, it’s crucial to find the correct wrongful death attorney. That person can make all of the difference—ensuring that justice is served for the tragedy that took place.

Here are 5 things to consider before choosing a wrongful death lawyer in Bellevue, Fremont, Toledo or any other community in Northwest Ohio.

1. Schedule a meeting: The best way to have confidence in your decision is to meet with a lawyer and ask questions before you make any decisions. Make sure you and the lawyer are good matches.  You can ask questions about the lawyers experience, qualifications, and reputation. Mayle, Ray & Mayle has free initial consultations with Ohio wrongful death clients.

2. Experience: When hiring a wrongful death attorney, specific prior experience and a winning track record with similar cases is important. An attorney should have been down this road successfully in the past, providing confidence and firsthand knowhow.

3. Style: As with people in all walks of life, Ohio wrongful death lawyers have different personalities and styles. That means that every attorney isn’t a great fit for every client. Being on the same page with an attorney is important, and it will help to make sure that the process is managed in the correct way. Whether it’s for preference of settlements versus trial, or simply personality types, style makes a difference.

4. Size: Many larger firms with heavy advertising around the state often make big promises, but fall short on client satisfaction. They often assign cases to paralegals or “case managers,” with little contact with an actual lawyer. Ask questions about how much contact you’ll have with an actual attorney. Make sure geographic distance does not put too much separation from you and your attorney. The ideal Sandusky, Port Clinton or Fremont, Ohio law firm is small enough to offer full commitment and attention to detail to your case.

5. Price: Price, or fee, is going to be a factor, and it should be clear and upfront in terms of what the price will be. A wrongful death attorney will typically work on a contingent fee, which is usually a predetermined percentage of the ultimate recovery.

Mayle, Ray & Mayle is an experienced Fremont, Ohio law firm, and each wrongful death lawyer on the team has the expertise and skill to handle the most challenging of cases. With offices in Fremont and Bellevue, they serve clients throughout northwest Ohio, including Toledo, Findlay, Port Clinton, and all of Sandusky, Ottawa, Wood and Erie Counties.

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