5 Tips for Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer in Ohio

How to Find the Right Ohio Law Firm for Personal Injury Cases

The personal injury lawyer that handles a particular case will have a huge bearing on its verdict. It’s crucial that the right attorney is chosen, improving chances of a successful and positive outcome either in court or via settlement, and ensuring that cases are handled with delicacy, professionalism and expertise.

Consider the following five tips for choosing an Ohio law firm for potential personal injury cases in the future.

Go Local: A local personal injury attorney and his or her firm will have the requisite knowledge of local statutes, regulations and legal precedents, as well as other potential details and factors of a case based upon geographic region. As such, it’s always important to choose someone who’s local, and for any Ohio personal injury cases, it’s therefore only logical to choose an Ohio law firm.

Shop & Compare: There’s nothing wrong with a bit of shopping and comparing when it comes to selecting a personal injury attorney. It’s recommended to schedule a handful of different meetings or consultations before making a decision on whom to work with. This will allow prospective clients to learn about the different capabilities of each individual and firm, and see who will be the right choice, based on the factors below and other details and preferences.

Experience: Experience is always going to be crucial, and there’s really no way to avoid that. Clients need to look for and hire an actual personal injury lawyer, meaning an attorney who has a breadth and depth of experience in this specific area of law. An attorney who dabbles in personal injury cases but really works with divorce or taxes or anything else simply isn’t going to be the right choice. Small oversights can and will be made, with potentially major consequences on the outcome of a case.

Personality: Two different personal injury lawyers may have equal credentials, but provide a much different experience based upon their work style, personality, and their relationship or rapport with clients. Anyone facing a legal matter needs to be comfortable with their attorney, and feel as if that person is representing them in the correct manner.

Big vs. Small: There are pros and cons to a typical big Ohio law firm and a smaller practice as well. A larger firm often has more resources and a larger team to provide for case assistance. A smaller firm may place a higher priority on each case and client, offering unmatched attention to detail and customer service. In many instances, a small to mid-sized firm, with a team of experienced attorneys that can still offer you their complete commitment and dedication, offers the best of both worlds.

Mayle, Ray & Mayle has an excellent track record for personal injury cases of all kinds. With a team of experienced personal injury attorneys, all cases get handled with precision and care, and no stone is left unturned in seeking a positive outcome.

The Ohio law firm of Mayle, Ray & Mayle has offices in Fremont and Bellevue, making them a convenient choice when searching for a personal injury lawyer in Toledo, Clyde, Tiffin, Findlay, Port Clinton, Perrysburg, Woodville and throughout the entirety of Erie, Sandusky, Ottawa and Wood Counties.

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Mayle, Ray & Mayle LLC is a leading Ohio law firm with a broad range of expertise.  The team consists of attorneys Ronald Mayle, Jeremiah Ray and Andrew Mayle, all of whom bring unique experience and specialties to the forefront, establishing a well-rounded law firm that can meet the needs of any client. With offices in Fremont and Bellevue, Mayle, Ray & Mayle serves clients in need throughout Ohio and also serves as co-counsel and local counsel for other law firms across the country. Contact their expert lawyers at 419.334.8377 or learn more about who they are and how they can help at MayleRayMayle.com.